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The homepage is your starting point for the checkout process. You can choose between two modes:

  • Products: Add products to your cart and complete your purchase.
  • Quicksale: Expedite the checkout process for swift transactions.


Access a comprehensive overview of your transaction history, including relevant order details. You can also:

  • View transaction receipts
  • Process refunds
  • Resend transaction receipts


Effortlessly manage product details and inventory to keep your offerings up-to-date.


Unlock powerful tools to enhance your business management capabilities:

  • Essentials
    • Reports : Analyze your account’s sales reports.
    • Customers : Keep track of your customer list.
    • Payouts : Monitor your account balance and payout history.
    • QR Code : Easily access and share your default payment QR code.
  • Manage
    • Discounts : Manage discounts for your POS orders.
    • Taxes : Manage tax settings for your POS orders.
    • Surcharges : Customize surcharge settings for your POS.
    • Tips : Adjust tip settings for the checkout process.
    • Locations : Manage physical selling locations.
    • Users : dminister roles and permissions for your staff.
  • No-Code
    • Invoicing : Create and manage invoices directly from the mobile app.
    • Payment Links : Generate and manage payment links for easy transactions.


Fine-tune your app preferences and configurations.

Side Menu

Side Menu

User Profile

View and modify the user profile of the logged-in user.

Switch Business

Effortlessly switch between different businesses.

Switch Location

Change your selected selling location with ease.


Stay informed about your mobile app’s connectivity status, ensuring it’s linked to your card reader and connected to a network.


Swiftly switch between specialized modes tailored to meet your specific payment and business needs.