HitPay provides flexible notification options to keep you updated on important activities related to your transactions. You can choose to receive notifications through the HitPay mobile app on iOS or Android, or opt for email notifications.

Configuring Notification Settings

Navigate to Settings > Notifications on your HitPay Dashboard. Here, you can enable or disable notification settings based on your preferences. These settings are categorized as follows:

Notification Settings

By selecting the relevant checkboxes, you can tailor your notifications to match your needs. Here’s a rundown of each setting:

Daily Collection: Notifications related to daily collections, including payouts, can be received through email, push notifications, and payout emails.

New Order: Get notified of new orders through email and push notifications.

Pending Order: Receive an email notification for pending orders.

Incoming Payment: Stay informed about incoming payments via email and push notifications.

Customer Receipt: Get an email notification when customers receive their payment receipts.

Choose the notification settings that suit your workflow and communication preferences. Click Update to save your changes.

Whether you prefer mobile app notifications or email updates, HitPay ensures you’re informed about the activities that matter most to you.